Zvex is a boutique pedal effects company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was founded by Zachary Vex.  Their pedals are hand painted and made in Minneapolis with the exception of their affordable Vexter series, which are partly assembled in Taiwan with final assembly completed in Minneapolis. They are most well-known for their famous Fuzz Factory pedal which is found on many players boards. They build some of the most unique and offbeat pedals around, including the Super Seek series, the Sonar, and the Instant LoFi Junky. Distortion, fuzz and boost pedals include the Distortron, Fuzz Factory, Fat Fuzz Factory, Box of Rock, Mastotron, Double Rock, Box of Metal, Super Hard On, and Super Duper.  Zvex is one of the original boutique pedal makers. A must for any pedal junkie.