Chesbro Music Co. – Your #1 Choice

SELECTION. We have the largest selection and inventory of affordable new and used band and orchestral instruments in Eastern Idaho.

REPUTATION. Chesbro Music Co. is a family owned and operated music store serving you for over 100 years. Our reputation for quality and service drives us to perform our best for you.

BEST PROGRAM. Our Rental / Purchase plan allows the customer to own the instrument they are renting after all payments are made. 100% of the rental payments apply to the purchase of the instrument you are renting.  We also offer a step-up program if you choose to switch instruments or upgrade to a better model or larger size.

INTEREST FREE. We do not charge interest on our Rental / Purchase instruments, period.

LOWEST COST. Our Rental / Purchase program is the most affordable and flexible anywhere.

PEACE OF MIND. We offer an optional insurance plan that covers accidental damage, vandalism, fire and theft. Our instruments are serviced and repaired by the finest technicians available.  We guarantee all instruments are in working and playable condition. If during your rental your instrument is in need of repair, we will provide a loner instrument FREE of charge. Most repairs are returned within 48 hours.

SERVICE. Our staff members are well-trained and are professional musicians who understand the value of owning a quality instrument and what it takes to become a good musician.  We do all we can to best serve you, our valued customer.

FREE TRAINING. We offer FREE in-store training on instrument maintenance so your instrument will function properly throughout the year and beyond.