Teton Guitars

Celebrating our 5 year anniversary in 2015, Teton Guitars continues its commitment to instruments with exceptional sound, affordability, and innovation. We invite you to compare the acoustics to top brands and prepare to be surprised at the price tag. Most of all, pick up a Range, a 10-string, or any of our other incredible guitars, ukuleles, and accessories and know that Teton Guitars is made up of people who love music as much as you do. Visit our website: TetonGuitars.com, or watch us on Teton TV (our YouTube channel), or like us on Facebook, or follow our blog, or find us on Instagram!

Teton Guitars is a Chesbro Music Co. brand. We have developed these guitars and they are produced by one of the very best Chinese guitar factories. Chesbro Music Co. sells Teton guitars to other music stores all over the US and even in Canada. Teton Guitars is one of the fastest growing guitar brands in the country. Once guitar players have a chance to play on a Teton, they quickly learn what makes these guitars so special. With tone as big as the mountains they are named after, each model of Teton has been designed with a specific goal in mind. The tone and playability have set a new standard in the mid-range guitar market. Stop by Chesbro Music Co., the basecamp for Teton Guitars, and find out why you should be playing a Teton.