TC Electronics

TC Electronics, a Danish company, has been making some of the most pristine effects since the mid 80s. Their SCF pedal has been a classic and mainstay on pedalboards for decades. Their rackmount delay 2290 was light years ahead in technology when it was released in 1985. Today, they are putting their technology into small footprint pedals.  The flashback delay pedal gives the player several delay types from tape, reverse, to ping pong. They offer many modulation effects from lush chorus to a spacey flanger and all the way to vibes and anywhere in between. Also, with the free toneprint app, the player can download signature effects. They offer boost, overdrive and distortion pedals.  TC Electonics offer some of the best vocal processors in a friendly pedal configuration  for studio and stage alike. Great effects at a great price! They also carry a line of bass guitar amplification, BG250, which gives great tone and power at a weight that won’t break your back.