Tanara Guitars

Tanara Guitars are not your normal starter guitar. It is very important that beginner guitar players have a positive experience with their first instrument. Learning to play guitar is a very challenging, yet rewarding, experience. Beginners do not need to have the extra burden of learning on a guitar that is not comfortable to play. Tanara guitars have great playability and make the learning process less painful by having a proper guitar setup that keeps the strings low to the fingerboard. I know it sounds like a strange thing to brag about but, if you compare Tanara guitars to other beginner guitars, you can see the difference in string height. The higher the string, the more pain a new player has to deal with while trying to learn the guitar. The best way to keep a new guitarist practicing is to minimize the discomfort that comes with learning a steel string instrument. In time, the player will develop calluses and will not experience any discomfort, but those first few weeks before calluses form are crucial to whether or not a beginner will continue to practice or just give up and stop trying. Chesbro Music Co. is the owner of the Tanara brand of guitars. Stop by the store today and check out why a Tanara is a perfect fit and feel for your beginning guitar player.