Chesbro Music Company’s Repair Shop

An expertly tuned instrument makes the most beautiful music. Chesbro Music Co. has over 30 years experience in repairing stringed instruments. We provide tuning, restringing, guitar setups or major restorations, Chesbro Music Co. can do it all! We are a Teton, Fender and Taylor authorized warranty center and, under the Fender brand, we can do warranty work for Fender, Jackson, Gretsch, and Charvel. Stop in to Chesbro Music Co. today for any and all of your music needs.

Chesbro Music Co.
327 W. Broadway, Idaho Falls – 208.522.8691
257 N. 2nd E., Rexburg – 208.359.1900

Chesbro Music Repair Shop
Chesbro Music's Repair Shop - Tools
Chesbro Music's Repair Shop - Repair in Progress
Chesbro Music's Repair Shop - More Tools