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Have you always wanted to play an instrument? Are you searching for a teacher for yourself or a family member? Are you a teacher who is looking for students to teach? Our Education Center here at Chesbro Music Co could be your answer. We offer a variety of programs, such as individual lessons, group classes, clinics and recitals. Check out our instructors or give us a call. You are never too old to learn.

We offer lessons for Piano, Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Flute, Trumpet, Oboe, Harmonica, Drum, and Voice.

Cammy Harris - Piano/Oboe/Voice Instructor

Cammy Harris

Piano/Oboe/Voice Instructor

Cammy has had twenty-one years of teaching experience, teaching both in the private and classroom settings. Along with teaching private lessons for piano, voice, and oboe, she was also a band teacher for five years in Mesa Arizona. Cammy holds her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Idaho State University. She has also had many performing opportunities in Arizona and the South-eastern Idaho region.

Dolores Park - Harmonica Instructor

Dolores Park

Harmonica Instructor

Self-taught with 60 years of experience playing the harmonica. Dolores teaches beginning to intermediate group harmonica lessons. Her knowledge & enthusiasm for the harmonica will motivate anyone wanting to pick up and start, or any experienced student wanting to hone their skills!

Matt Gooch - Drum Instructor

Matt Gooch

Drum Instructor

June Cannon - Flute/Piano Instructor

June Cannon

Flute/Piano Instructor

June started music training and piano at age four and was attracted to classical music since she was very young. With a BA in flute performance, June has been teaching piano and flute, as well as playing solos, ensembles, and in orchestras in Southeastern Idaho for 20 years. She has served as adjudicator for many music events and is a director of flute choirs in Blackfoot and Idaho Falls.

Andrew Smith - Guitar Instructor

Andrew Smith

Guitar Instructor

Andrew has taken seven years of private guitar lessons. He teaches both private and group guitar lessons, including all age groups and levels of playing.

Danny Heslop - Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Danny Heslop

Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Danny has been writing and performing music for the past 15 years. Bluegrass, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Folk, and Indie are some of the styles he teaches and loves. He earned a B.A in music with emphasis in jazz performance from the University of Utah, and has been teaching for 8 years!

Craig Green - Guitar Instructor

Craig Green

Guitar Instructor

New Orleans native Craig Green has been immersed in composing, playing and teaching the guitar for 25 years. Craig has studied guitar in Europe and has toured in the US. His playing has been influenced by music research stays in India, Africa and Europe. Craig continues his recording and touring which helps him develop new techniques for his guitar students at Chesbro Music Co.

Craig Green - Guitar Instructor

Rachel Crawford

Piano Instructor

Rachel has been playing the piano since the age of four. She started her organ training, as well as learning the Euphonium, at the age of twelve and started playing the organ at church. She studied organ and Euphonium at Interlochen Arts Academy, graduating with high honors. Rachel went on to study Euphonium at Michigan State University and was a member of the Wind Symphony. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors in Organ Performance. After graduation in 2013, she taught piano for four years in northern Michigan. Rachel moved to Idaho Falls this past April and continues to teach piano, organ and low brass.

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