Jupiter Band Instruments

KHS, parent company of Jupiter Band Instruments, was founded in Taiwan in 1930.

The acronym, KHS, means Kung Hsue She, which translates as “a company helping schools and culture.” In 1957, KHS started making band instruments. The company formed Jupiter Band Instruments in 1980 to market a complete line of wind and percussion instruments in the United States. Jupiter Band Instruments is dedicated to a philosophy of enriching lives through music – a philosophy also embraced by Chesbro Music Company.

Local flute instructors have recommended Jupiter’s 711RBS flute for students who want a less expensive alternative for a step-up instrument. Another recommendation is the Jupiter Waveline Prodigy flute which features a curly cue in the headjoint for younger and smaller students who can’t quite manage a traditional flute.

Chesbro Music Company stocks the Prodigy and 711RBS professional flute, as well as Jupiter’s JCL1100S professional clarinet. But if there is another Jupiter instrument you would like to try, just ask! Jupiter works with Chesbro to provide a variety of instruments on a 30-day approval program.