In 1928, fourth-generation flutemaker, Kurt Gemeinhardt, came to Elkhart, Indiana, from Switzerland. He went to work for the Selmer Company, where he spent the next 20 years making flutes before founding The Gemeinhardt Company. The original intention was to make only expensive flutes. But public demand altered the company’s course.  Soon, Gemeinhardt was making intermediate- and student-level flutes. Today, Gemeinhardt is the world’s leading manufacturer of flutes, according to the company’s website. In addition to world-class flutes and piccolos, Gemeinhardt also manufactures student-level clarinets and saxophones.

Chesbro keeps several models of Gemeinhardt flutes and piccolos in stock, as well as clarinets and saxophones. But, not to worry if you can’t find a particular model in stock. Through an agreement with Gemeinhardt, Chesbro can usually get the model you want on a 30-day approval program.