The C G Conn Company’s roots stretch back to 1873, when cornet player C G Conn suffered a split lip during a barroom brawl. The injured cornetist feared his career might be at an end until he came up with one of his earliest innovations – a cornet mouthpiece with a rubber lip that allowed him to continue playing. By 1875, Conn was producing a commercial cornet line. Other instrument lines were added over the years, including manufacture of the world’s first Sousaphone, built to the exacting specifications of John Philip Sousa himself.

The Conn Company has been through several mergers throughout the years, the latest occurring in 2002 when Conn-Selmer, Inc. was formed. Today, many Conn instrument models are manufactured in the King-Conn factory in Eastlake, Ohio.

Chesbro Music Company is proud to carry the Conn line of brass instruments.  The company’s student model trumpets are a mainstay in Chesbro’s rental fleet. Why? Each Conn student trumpet is well made, durable and produces a wonderful tone. Conn-Selmer usually is willing to send any instrument to Chesbro Music Company on a 30-day approval program. So, if we don’t have a particular model in stock, we can usually get one for you to try.