Chase Bliss

Chase Bliss was founded by Joel Korte in 2013. It is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the products are designed and built. Their pedals are mostly modulation based, Wombtone phaser, Gravitas tremolo, Warped Vinyl chorus, Spectre flanger, and their newly released analog delay, Tonal Recall.  All their pedals are analog, but with a digital brain, which allows the user to tweak to their heart’s content. Each pedal is equipped with a myriad of dip switches on the back of the pedal which, when used with an expression pedal, can be toggled to offer and add some interesting and creative modulation to the effect. These pedals come in a wooden box and are well built using the best quality parts available. Chase Bliss pedals are not for the player who likes their pedals with a couple of simple knobs; these are for the player who demands versatility and tweakability to inspire new sounds.