William Teasdale Armstrong was a respected craftsman and a C.G. Conn shop foreman.  In 1931, he opened a small flute repair shop in Elkhart, Indiana. As his reputation and skill grew, he received requests to make flutes for professional players. The business was passed to his son, Edward, who recognized the need to supply quality instruments for students and community players.

In the 1970s, Armstrong and Albert Cooper collaborated on a redesign of the flute, improving on the performance and tuning. This redesign provided the basis of the modern 102, 103, and 104 flute models. The models 102 and 104 have been rented and sold to thousands of beginning flute students across the country.

In 1984, Armstrong was sold to King Musical Instruments, which merged with C.G. Conn in 1985 to form United Musical Instruments (UMI). In 2002, UMI merged with Selmer to create Conn-Selmer.

Chesbro Music Company has many of the Armstrong student model flutes in its rental fleet. If you would like to try one of the Armstrong professional flutes, you have but to ask.  Conn-Selmer is willing to send most instruments to us on a 30-day approval basis.