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Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show is handing out classroom instruments and taking Adele, Madonna, Idina Menzel, the Muppets, and everyone else on a fun ride! Get your set and join the band! We’ve got them all: Xylophones, Ukuleles, Melodicas, Shakers, Tone Blocks, Bongos, Tamborines, Triangles, Kazoos, Recorders, and more!

Independent, local, and home of Teton Guitars. We love music! Need some fresh music to play? Browse our famous warehouse of sheet music. We rent and repair. Take a self-guided tour to learn about the history of music in Idaho Falls–including the mystery surrounding a guitar that was destined for Elvis Presley! We are your local music store: a destination worth visiting.

Calling all PIANO & VIOLIN teachers! We have FUN, new music for your students. And, while you’re here, check out all the businesses on our block! Get your biking gear at Dave’s Bike Shop. Groom your pets at the Splash Spa. Pick up a paint brush at Possibly Picasso. We can always smell something wonderful wafting from The Celt! And to all our neighbors staying at Destinations Inn, walk on over and take a self-guided history tour–we open at 10!

I will definitely buy my next guitar here. — Justin

Alayna’s first voice lesson was way better than we ever imagined, and we had pretty good imaginations already. — Paula